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Supporting you in your failures and suffering

This is often a blog by proxy for Neil Remington Abramson, who has written much. Neil comments further, as follows: Accepting multiple religious paths to God precludes insisting that one is better than another except for myself. And I am … Continue reading

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This race is already run Get off your horse Get on this train Reconstituted Tears for Fears, 1993: With Alan Griffiths replacing Curt Smith. And where Alan Griffiths appears to have come and gone.

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How one must be

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: For me, Christianity is neatly summed up, if one needs Coles Notes, with Galatians 5: 13-26 and 6: 1-5. These are operating instructions, saying nothing about what one must BELIEVE, but everything about how … Continue reading

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Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: In human discourse, there is too much potential to alienate all sides. I suppose it is Taoist to assert that the Tao (everything) is one and that it is only people that arbitrarily divide … Continue reading

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The Go-Getter

2007 film: Has a particular angle, resulting in its first screening being at the Sundance Film Festival. Grossed about $12,000 in box office, based on a theatrical release that lasted three days. DVD remaindered at a dollar. Much more there.

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The Friday to Sunday

Commented to my then wife one time about how grey it was on a particular Good Friday. She responded, matter of factly, that it was always grey on Good Friday. Started to wonder, each Good Friday, if there would be … Continue reading

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Friday Saint

All these years, hadn’t bothered to find out why it is called “Good Friday”. Ended up preferring the French, “Vendredi saint”, which seems more precise. As Greg Garrison explains explains: At first glance, Good Friday seems like the ultimate misnomer. … Continue reading

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Bullyism; Cowardice

Wrote about bullies. See them. Know them. Yesterday and today. Which comes first? The bully, or the coward who becomes the bully? Seems to be cowardice, motivated by loathing of self or of self-circumstances. Have a cat bullying the smallest … Continue reading

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Bill Champlin: One Way Ticket

Every time a story ends Somebody wins or loses I’ll be in love With somebody else While you’re closing the show When you buy a one way ticket To paradise Leave your love behind

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…we need some much-needed candor regarding just how easy it is to falsify social science data. Drew Foster, 2015 From “Fake Data, Fake Science“, being an article by David Malamed in the March, 2016 issue of CPA Magazine, concerning academic … Continue reading

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