F***up Club

Learning about self and successful strategies, through failures. Plus acknowledging failures. The essence of F—Up Nights, where entrepreneurs meet to discuss failures. As discussed by Stephen Karmazyn in “Embracing F—Ups“, Techopia, January 18, 2016:

But if there is truth that you must fail before you succeed in business, why do so many entrepreneurs shy away from the subject?

In an effort to truly embrace failure, there is now a global moment called F—Up Nights, where professionals gather and presenters openly commiserate by telling their stories of failure.

Where one has described the result as when “Failure has never been more successful“.

In terms of learning from failure, Dr. Amy C. Edmonston writes:

Why is failure analysis often shortchanged? Because examining our failures in depth is emotionally unpleasant and can chip away at our self-esteem. Left to our own devices, most of us will speed through or avoid failure analysis altogether. Another reason is that analyzing organizational failures requires inquiry and openness, patience, and a tolerance for causal ambiguity. Yet managers typically admire and are rewarded for decisiveness, efficiency, and action—not thoughtful reflection.

And when such terms as “loser” are so readily used, half in jest…


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