Generally don’t give when asked for money or cigarettes. Feeling like too much of an enabler. Or just bothered being interrupted by the asking. Plus, the services are there…?

Outside the office, smoking. Woman asks for cigarette. Looks to be in fifties, but could be in her thirties. Declined.

She has envelope in her hand. Goes up the street to the mailbox. Mails a card or letter.

See her as unusually connected, for those who must ask. Walked up to her.

And she said, with the disjoint:

I’m no recluse. I suffer panic attacks.

I even watch the odd film.

And the letter?

Birthday card for my sister. It’s her birthday in three days.

Gave her two cigarettes.

And an apology.

Mentor Farhad Simyar said he always gave money to anyone who asked. Everyone asking has some particular pain, he said.

No apologies required of him.


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