How it might start II

Discussed how prejudice can easily develop: those damn Presbyterians, and what they do.

Can happen again, and again. A couple, clients of my legal colleague, were at the elevator after meeting. The wife was wearing what for me was a unique design of hijab. I wondered what country it was from, assuming that hijab style can vary by country.

Her husband answered. Said no national distinction. Thanked me for my interest.

Wife said nothing.

Walked away, wondering if this was part of a cultural “my woman doesn’t talk to strangers”. Internal burnup started. Then thinking about the recently arrived refugees. Wondering about whether this “my woman” attitude was more generally shared. Started to seethe. THOSE values are not Canadian values, dontcha know, and THEY must learn.

Mentioned the incident, and my resentment, to my legal colleague.

I think it was just that she doesn’t understand English that well. Whenever I was speaking with her in English, she looked to her husband to translate, so I was regularly switching to speaking Arabic, and she had no problem.

Whazzis? He is simply speaking for her when she perhaps doesn’t understand what I am saying?

Dontcha know, cantcha know…


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