No Merit Award II

Wrote about how the Mo Ibrahim Foundation determined, for two years running, that no person merited a particular award, so there was none. Keeping the money until able to be given to someone deserving.

Referenced my own experience on a faculty awards committee. How members felt they had to give out the award, annually and regardless.

Thinking about how many people have fond memories of a particular school, and a particular time, and will create endowments by will, or while living. In some respects, better to create the endowment while living, so that one can monitor as to whether the funds are being awarded or used for the purposes intended. In terms of awards committee experience, knew the name of the testamentary donor, but nothing about her background or why she wanted to benefit others at the school. Felt nonetheless that all of the applicants were an insult to her memory, if any were to be commended in her name. Trustees still there, but without the same monitoring enthusiasm that would be the case if the gift were given by her, while alive.

Lots can go on in the names of others. Not all as intended.


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