Group Dynamics and Individual Surrender

Your eyes look up and down
Everywhere but me

MBA group project. We all followed the lead of one member. Seemed quite reasonable; he seemed quite experienced and thoughtful.

Received the group mark: poor, so poor.

Member who had taken the lead was devastated. Called a meeting. We waited for his assessment of what to do next.

What he decided to do next was to quit the MBA program.

Always so nervous, he said, and this made it worse. Time to go.

And this was a supportive group. No finger-pointing. No collective resentment directed at the leader who had led us astray.

Advise students in group context to avoid the fingering of one. To avoid the separate room comments. To never say anything that a person wouldn’t want repeated, and to raise reservations directly with the person concerned. With attempted respect, even if not felt.

No Brian Jones variations. Just try to tell the truth:


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