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Fit and Stress

There’s nothing on my horizon Except everything All this talk about an organization having to adapt to try to reduce employee stress. Stress may be misfit of employee personality to the organization. Issue is knowledge of self and where one … Continue reading

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Girl Crush

Want everything she has That smile and the midnight laugh She’s giving you now So away from so much. Hearing a music stream in an athletic club. Struck by the voice and lyrics. Thought maybe it was Bonnie Raitt. Search … Continue reading

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Accounting Judiciary II

If accounting standard-setting is a legislative act, where is the judicial dimension that so often gets confused with the legislative nature of standard-setting? Have suggested that this is a role of securities commissions. Would seem that one is fortunate where … Continue reading

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F***up Club

Learning about self and successful strategies, through failures. Plus acknowledging failures. The essence of F—Up Nights, where entrepreneurs meet to discuss failures. As discussed by Stephen Karmazyn in “Embracing F—Ups“, Techopia, January 18, 2016: But if there is truth that … Continue reading

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Beginning to make more sense now. Why investors initially complained that International Financial Reporting Standards were causing banks to recognize losses too quickly and then, after this was changed, complained that International Financial Reporting Standards caused banks to recognize losses … Continue reading

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Will They or Won’t They

From a 2014 interview by Ned Ehrbar with Minnie Driver, in connection with the relationship of the two lead characters in Driver’s TV series, About A Boy: …anyone with an even basic understanding of satisfaction and psychology knows that if … Continue reading

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Warwick Hotel IV

Have written about the former Toronto Warwick Hotel here, here and here. Was thinking of writing about Stage 212, up the street (known since the late 1970s or early 1980s as Filmores), and came across this 2011 Toronto Sun article … Continue reading

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Generally don’t give when asked for money or cigarettes. Feeling like too much of an enabler. Or just bothered being interrupted by the asking. Plus, the services are there…? Outside the office, smoking. Woman asks for cigarette. Looks to be … Continue reading

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Sovereign is Sovereign

Great Britain will be having a referendum on continuing its membership in the European Union. The Prime Minister has said that he has obtained sufficient “compromise” from other European Union members, in relation to issues affecting Great Britain’s sovereignty, that … Continue reading

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Danny O’Keefe: I’m Sober Now

You took my little heart And ran it round this town Now you’re gonna find your circus Needs a brand new clown From the O’Keefe album, 1972: You told me you were all I’d ever mean What a dirty thing … Continue reading

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