From a syllabus:

Students are expected to behave in an appropriate and courteous manner during classes and examinations and in their email communications with one another, the teaching assistants, and professors. Inappropriate and/or discourteous behaviours include:

• Arriving late at class;
• Distracting other students (for example: by talking in class; by using a laptop or other communication device, including cell phones, during class to view materials and/or to communicate anything not directly related to the course; by making noise during, or otherwise disrupting, an exam);
• Allowing a cell phone to ring during class or exam;
• Using university email to send inappropriate emails;
• Disrepectful words or actions towards any student or professors, either during or outside class;
• Unauthorized photography, video and/or audio recording in class, at the lab tutorials, or in the professor’s office;
• Frivolous requests to review a mid-term exam paper.

The professor reserves the right to deduct marks from the overall course mark for discourteous behaviour: 0.5 to 2 marks for a minor infraction; 1 to 10 marks for repeat or serious infractions. The latter will be reported to the Undergraduate Program Director.

From an exam:

1. It is strictly forbidden to use any material during the exam that may help you answer the questions (e.g., book, notes, dictionary, etc.)
2. You may ONLY use the provided space in this exam to write you answers. Answers written outside of this space (such as on the back of pages) will not be graded.
3. You must hand in ALL exam materials once the exam period is over. Failing to follow this instruction will result you receiving a grade of 0 on this examination.

Seems like many create their own jails…

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