Naughty Neighbour Can Cover

In relation to expressed concerns as to sexist beer labelling, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario responded as follows:

My comment, January 10:

Sexism in craft beer labels– Naughty Neighbour, in particular [Incident: 160110-000023]

I raised my objections to this beer being carried by the LCBO on Saturday at the LCBO store at Bells Corners, Ottawa. I wanted to speak to the manager, who was delayed in arriving,, while I was getting more and more upset, and so left the store. Surely there must be an LCBO policy on sexist, anti-women labelling of products. I wrote about it, briefly, since the concerns are shared:


LCBO response, January 13:

Product labels are reviewed by the category team, our QA lab, and at times our Corporate Policy department to ensure they meet AGCO advertising guidelines (not promoting excessive consumption, not appealing to minors, not depicting skilled activities etc). They are also reviewed against the LCBO’s social responsibility guidelines, which consider issues such as derogatory gender references, political and cultural sensitivities, and references to dependency issues. We also consider the product category and the target customer; the craft beer industry is known for edgier product labeling and names, in many markets not just Ontario. Other considerations with this particular product would be that the name is referencing the United States as the naughty neighbor (American-style pale ale) and the imagery is meant to convey cultural and historical reference to American burlesque and pin-up art. We appreciate your feedback and will share your concerns with the supplier.

Should you also wish to contact the supplier regarding this product, I will attach a link to the ‘Contact’ portion of Nickel Brook Brewery’s website:


My response, January 13:

Thank you for your response. It seems to me that the current label is a bit more than referenced to “burlesque and pin-up art”, and is more in the category of offending the LCBO’s social responsibility guidelines, as summarized. The predecessor label used by the company would appear to be more in keeping with the social responsibility guidelines.

I have also raised my concerns with the company, with a lack of response to date.

And with a further lack of response, to date.


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