Predictors II

Wrote about the futures of some particularly distinguished graduates from my law school class. Referenced a convocation speech made by Ken Dryden, at the time of receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa.

Article written in 2010. Speech made in 2000. Kept thinking about the speech. Wrote to Ken Dryden’s office in 2011 to see if a copy was obtainable, since none was on his website. Received a reply.

Office reconstitution and having to box and later unbox everything. Opening one box, found the reply from Ken Dryden’s office. Read the speech, remembering the theme, but not the particulars. Much to reflect on:

I’d like to talk to you today about change–setting out in one direction, and ending up in another, which has become the reality of all of our lives. …in anything we do, the end will change again and again. We need to be able to adapt, always to find a way of doing what we’ve never done before, or so it might seem, before we do it.

I think most things we learn are like this. We do something or take a course for one apparent purpose, but it turns out important for another. We learn one thing as a way of learning something else.

As further discussed here:

Dryden, Ken – Convocation Speech

So fifteen years later, and what directions change…


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