Prudish, or…

Naughty Neighbour Can Cover

Was in the liquor store, that also sells beer. Saw the can above, and ended up with reservations. The beer is one being advertised at the liquor store, without qualification or concern.

Not the only one raising the issue, though that doesn’t establish much, in terms of any broader validity. One can be raising a correct issue solely, or an incorrect issue as a group. This seems to be more on the correct side, via individual or group. The issue is also not new. Some five years ago, as craft beers continued to become more popular, people were expressing reservations as to the contempt for women being shown in the labelling, such as here:

Hoppy Bitch Label

Raised the issue in the store, though impairing the credibility of argument through profanity. F word escalation, as in “What the f— is this?”. People turning, and one is instantly crazed. No diminishment through changing to an h word, as in “What the h— did they think they were doing?”

So, if more temperate, maybe some seeing more readily that the issue is not minor.

Guess the previous Naughty Neighbour beer label simply wasn’t “effective” enough:

Naughty Neighbour Original 2

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