The Work III

In relation to religious-referenced “work” and its application to meditation Neil Remington Abramson commented further, as follows:

I have no problem with meditation. I think Christian meditation is very close to prayer, and Thomas Merton thought Christian meditation much the same as Buddhist. It might be a technique to achieve a state, and practice likely makes better.

It’s the psychobabble and the theocrababble that mystifies and leaves me behind. It isn’t enough to be doing something one thinks is good and helpful. You gotta make out that it’s the one true way to wherever you think you’re going, and that others won’t be able to go, unless they follow you and do what you do.

But I’m as bad as that anyway. I try to follow Christ. I just don’t think He’s the only way; just the way for me.

I think it’s like a mountain. We’re climbing towards the top, and through the trees we can see people on other trails. Is my trail better than theirs? Who knows, until you get to the top?

Whoever gets to the top.


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