Seems that when a totalitarian leader has started to commit atrocities, there is no turning back, and rarely any possibility of voluntary departure. Increasing focus on destruction of enemies and limited trust of those who are supposedly close. Presumption as to betrayal at every turn. So when movements for change arise, and survive, compromise and change seem impossible. So Gaddafi declined all offers to flee Libya. Saddam Hussein never leaves Iraq, while his sons and grandson fight to the death. Surrender becomes illogical, based on no perceived safe haven.

Yet Idi Amin spent nearly twenty-five years in protected and subsidized exile, to the time of his death, in Saudi Arabia. He left Uganda when his military mutinied and safe passage was first offered by Libya, where he stayed a year.

So, short of partition, in terms of Syria and related…

And, by way of analogy, in terms of concerns relating to abusive business leadership and succession…

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