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Wes Montgomery: Parts

Wes Montgomery. Came and went. Smoked a lot and died younger, of a heart attack. Left much: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Differing Public Interest

Laws differ in various countries due to different views of the public interest. Countries with low tax rates are often countries with comparatively fewer state-sponsored social benefits. Both the wording and substance of taxation laws will differ accordingly. Contract laws … Continue reading

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Impossibly Obvious?

When Joel Demski published his now classic paper, “The general impossibility of normative accounting standards” (1973), one read an interesting argument, based on calculus proofs. If one steps back, and reflects on accounting standards as a form of legislation, legislation … Continue reading

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From a syllabus: Students are expected to behave in an appropriate and courteous manner during classes and examinations and in their email communications with one another, the teaching assistants, and professors. Inappropriate and/or discourteous behaviours include: • Arriving late at … Continue reading

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Torture of Regret

A conversation: A: Regret not connecting by telephone over the weekend. B: Life is too precarious/precious for regrets. A: But I revel in the torture of regret…

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Too Big To Fail

The theme has come back. As in all of Canada’s six major banks.

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“Tasteless, classless, pathetic and stupid.”

Comment of a friend in relation to response to question: “Did you tell her?” Missing those social cues; always looking for the striped paint.

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