Who they are

As a last holiday period for some, seems more important to reflect on who they are, rather than who they aren’t.

Frustration with elderly parents. Some child saying my mother thinks she is all alone, because her parents and brother are dead. No reflection on her late husband and her four children. Another child saying she looks to me for everything now, even though when I was young, I was more of an imposition. I can last two days, maximum.

During Parliament Hill period, father would call to drop in for lunch. Very much appreciated the experience of eating in a cafeteria on Parliament Hill. No tourist walk. Going through the buildings, at will.

The last time, all he received from the son was curtness and expressed frustration. Why couldn’t he give more notice? No sense of the awe in which he held the surroundings, plus the pride in child’s occupation and environment.

He was dead, some eight weeks later.

Lots of time then, to focus on who he was, rather than who he wasn’t.


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