Jazz Vespers

Saw the notice on the street: Jazz Vespers at Knox Presbyterian Church. Knew the church from other initiatives.

Didn’t know what vespers were. Looks like, across Christian denominations, it is primarily associated with an evening service.

Attended. Tyson Chen on piano and Peter Woods on clarinet and sax. Chen replacing regular Woods partner Brian Browne, on this particular evening. Christmas jazz music on a Wednesday evening. Prayers and songs. Psalm 65. More Christmas jazz.

Peter Woods, also a United Church minister, speaking about Church of St. John Coltrane. Theme of “All the notes in your solo have already been played by you. Don’t worry about mistakes.”

Minister Jim Pot reading poem by Christian Wiman. Renewed faith when faced with death.

Lasting one hour, or less.

Particular moment in time; important moment in time.

All the notes in your solo…

No video of the time. In a similar mood, by another:

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