Cheap Forgiveness

An email exchange with Neil Remington Abramson, in relation to “How it might stop“:


I have a problem with your sentiments here:

Is it not a sin to refuse to forgive a sincerely sorry person? And since we cannot know true sincerity, aren’t we supposed to leave judging that to God. How many times? Jesus says a lot. Until you really mean it, I guess.

This idea of no judgement. Seems to be a way to get conned. Also as a means to avoid criticism of religious precepts. Fraud artists love environments where there is no judgement.


Who doesn’t judge? I guess that’s part of the “original sin” idea. But it’s situational – easier if they’re thrusting $10 on you than asking for it from you. No?

There’s repentance and there’s asking for stuff. Repenters aren’t usually putting their hand in your pocket but some are asking you to repent. I’m sure that’s the appeal of street beggars – a bit of absolution, for doing better than some. Cheap forgiveness.


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