How it might start

Went to Christmas concert with younger daughter and ex-wife. Due to the “forever Santa” element in younger daughter’s life, normally ask for accommodation, since one is there as much as an attendant, and her focus may be short. Paying one price for two. Circumstances generally appreciated, and accommodated.

$15 admission, which we didn’t know about beforehand. Seemed high, at the outset. Asked to pay $30, rather than $45, given daughter’s circumstances. Person taking the money didn’t seem to appreciate the circumstances, but then appeared to agree to accommodate. Ex-wife and daughter went to sit down. Gave the money person $40, which was all I had. She gave me no change. Said I was getting a $5 discount. Expressed my exasperation, and sat down.

Presbyterian church. Advised ex-wife that “they” had taken all my money. Ex-wife suggested leaving immediately. Thought we should stay, in the event that younger daughter might enjoy concert.

Money person came by with $10. Said she had changed her mind. Responded that I didn’t want the money; don’t do me any favours. Initial attitude was determinative.

As often occurs, daughter lasted perhaps fifteen minutes, and then need to leave. So we left.

Thinking during departure: Presbyterians. Damn cheap Scots, hustling during Christmas. Don’t want to be anywhere near them again.

Isolated case, one person attitude, that suddenly expands, based on not knowing much about “them”.

Then remembering those Presbyterians, and what they do, otherwise…


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