Out of focus

Not what the man on the street would say, and perhaps especially if he is an RC!

There is the frenzy. The appeal to base negatives. The focus of frustration. The generalized label.

Where religion, race or nationality can become the focus. If a generalized positive, people don’t see the same fault. Perhaps because one is not consumed by a positive to the same extent that one can be consumed by hatred of the generalized “other”.

Hofstede establishing a research program and many followers, through trying to establish a “national culture”. Referenced to, among other matters, levels of aggression.

Most people are susceptible to the influence of focused negatives. Where no leap of logic is necessary. Haven’t heard the term “RC” from a non-Catholic in over thirty years, and the term itself seemed to fall out of favour a half a decade or so ago. Still shows up, in certain contexts.

Last time Catholicism seemed to be referenced to one’s entire categorization of a person was during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland. Same with being a Protestant, at the time.

Today, much negative generalization about Muslims. Similar tone to generalizations about Jews, particularly pre-Holocaust. Fell into the same slip, without the negative, when referring to Admira as Muslim.

Focused hatred is all-consuming, and debilitating. The primary focus during one’s waking hours. Visions of exclusion, expulsion, liquidation. The most recent attempted liquidation being of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Faces, not religion.

Everyone potentially on either side.

So one returns to Father Fitz:

All you have to do is ask God to help you be the person He wants you to be.

So many, so far, some day.


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