Legitimation Cache

After total war
Comes total living

Legitimation and hypocrisy. The concern being to be able to assess the business, professional or personal hypocrite. While it may appear to be self-evident, there is a theory of legitimation, developed in organizational behaviour, though going back to Habermas and Weber, though could be just reading titles. Rough idea being that legitimacy accords various economic and social benefits. If a person or organization is perceived to share larger societal values, business dealings become easier. Trust is more readily accorded.

Seems so self-evident. We do business with people we like. We are friends with people we like. One reason that we like them is because they seem to be like us, sharing our values.

Major incentive for hypocritical adherence to larger social norms; good for business. Problem also with one who does adhere to social norms, but who is not perceived to do so. Negative inference through perceived difference.

Overt non-conformity as choice to bury the business, and reschedule one’s life.

Explanation as to why few non-conformists travel alone. Almost always more than one, or a subgroup of several. Creating value on a smaller scale, since we all legitimize each other.


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