Being somewhere else in mind, when one isn’t comfortable with where one actually is. Not quite what the term “displacement” means in psychology, however:

Displacement is the redirection of an impulse (usually aggression) onto a powerless substitute target… Someone who is frustrated by his or her superiors may go home and kick the dog, beat up a family member, or engage in cross-burnings.

Saul McLeod, “Defense Mechanisms” (2008)

When reactions to chaos or conflict are futile and potentially subject to further escalation of chaos or conflict…well, one goes somewhere else, mentally. Irrespective of what is happening to one mentally or physically. People say sex abuse victims will often go somewhere else, mentally, particularly in the context of repetitive abuse. Called a dissociative disorder:

During a traumatic experience such as an accident, disaster, or crime victimization, dissociation can help a person tolerate what might otherwise be too difficult to bear. In situations like these, a person may dissociate the memory of the place, circumstances, or feelings about of the overwhelming event, mentally escaping from the fear, pain, and horror. This may make it difficult to later remember the details of the experience, as reported by many disaster and accident survivors.

Sidran Institute, What is dissociative disorder (2010)

How to get away, when no one can run.

Displaced or dissociated, in ways that never hurt, as you have been.

Or maybe just start the car


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