Some immigrant song

From Anne Kingston, “How the PM’s residence became a nightmare at 24 Sussex”. Maclean’s, November 21, 2015:

It’s a heritage property, says Ottawa architect Barry Padolsky: “Why replace something old and wonderful with something new and wonderful, when we’re losing part of our legacy? That’s 1950s thinking. It’s 2015.”

From this:

24 Sussex before 1950

…Renovations to 24 Sussex between 1949 and 1951 neutralized the exterior; they also extracted historical grandeur. Bay windows, wood panelling, marble fireplaces, gingerbread trim were removed. So was a morning room, a coach house, the porte cochère and turret. Left intact: the coffered dining room ceiling, one mantel and two chandeliers. Such “modernizing” was typical in a new country built by immigrants, says Padolsky. “Everything new was good, everything old needed to be trashed.”

To this:

24 Sussex after 1950s renovation

One could analogise with the “wisdom” of the move and “renovation” of the Ottawa train station, once an architectural marvel in the downtown core…but not now.

Wanted to find the names of who did this to 24 Sussex. Couldn’t find them easily.


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