Jihad to Jay

From the first day I came here, I knew the name was ruined.

From Karen Armstrong, as referenced in “Call The Name?“:

Jihad is thus a cherished spiritual value that, for most Muslims, has no connection with violence. Last year, at the University of Kentucky, I met a delightful young man called Jihad; his parents had given him that name in the hope that he would become not a holy warrior, but a truly spiritual man who would make the world a better place. The term jihadi terrorism is likely to be offensive, therefore, and will win no hearts or minds.

Reminding one of recent profile of Syrian movie star Jay Abdo, now developing his career in Hollywood. Came to Hollywood as Jihad Abdou. Was having difficulty getting work, despite being a major star in Arab countries. Then somebody pointed out “problems” with his first name. Profiled in recent CBC News story, and also here:

Further reflections:

Moving on, past and present:

Once had a student named Osama, who said…

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