Being a description of having the time to mark an exam paper, essay or assignment in such a way that one can spend the time discussing with the student, in writing. Description coming from a leading Canadian accounting academic, during the course of a more general discussion. How he strongly preferred to mark lovingly. He was generally regarded as a superior instructor, as well as a superior researcher.

So much time pressure, resulting in degrees of short change. Though remember one particular accounting essay from the 1980s. Students were asked to write on a contemporary topic in financial accounting, as part of an Intermediate Financial Accounting course. This was at the time when a number of high-tech companies were writing off their product development costs, based on uncertainties as to recovering such costs in the future. There seemed to be a fair bit of “follow whoever is the leader on this, or maybe not” behaviours. The student, on his own initiative, canvassed companies involved in a number of these writedowns, and took the time to actually speak with the executives involved, who seemed to be quite willing to speak with him, despite any self-serving biases. The student ended up with a paper that mixed the theoretical with direct empiricism. Knew what the leading accounting academic meant about having the opportunity to mark lovingly, as was the case there.

Now, is that paper in a box somewhere…


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