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Energy of Performance

William Hawkins, two days ago: Have seen these circumstances more than once. The energy that comes, that is not there otherwise. All for the performance. And then total exhaustion, that the audience does not see. When one says that an … Continue reading

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Abraham Variations

And his axe was made of gold Rough summary of Neil Remington Abramson comments on the alleged sacrifice of Isaac, by his father Abraham. Idea that there are multiple stories of Abraham and Isaac. Most involve Abraham being willing to … Continue reading

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Being somewhere else in mind, when one isn’t comfortable with where one actually is. Not quite what the term “displacement” means in psychology, however: Displacement is the redirection of an impulse (usually aggression) onto a powerless substitute target… Someone who … Continue reading

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Going to have to go back to the advocacy times for a European Union. Were the potential disadvantages emphasized as well? From “Ireland writing a new economic textbook”, by G. Pascal Zachary. The Wall Street Journal, via the Globe and … Continue reading

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Just want to turn the key

When it comes to automobiles, there seems to be an appreciation on the part of some manufacturers (though not on the part of most auto manual writers) that most people have little interest in “playing auto mechanic”. Want to be … Continue reading

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No Eulogy II

Wrote about a deceased minister insisting at no eulogy at his funeral. Seemed odd. Then attended a number of funerals where lots of laughter and tears in eulogies by family members. Then thought of funerals of my parents. Don’t remember … Continue reading

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Earnings Management: The Border

Continuing debate as to when earnings management is wrongful, or whether it is always wrongful. When does earnings management become unfair presentation? When does unfair presentation become fraud? Since that which is unfair presentation will depend on the audience type … Continue reading

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The Santa Suit

Came across The Santa Suit and couldn’t stop watching. Scrooge toy manufacturer who becomes otherwise; finding his “inner Santa”: Hallmark TV movie. Friend watching it with me started to laugh. “You can’t stand Christmas, yet you get caught up in … Continue reading

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In terms of the bliss

Enlightenment Just don’t know What it is And where one person prefers torment, an exchange between friends: A: I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Bliss would take one look at you and, realizing you would refuse any … Continue reading

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In “Keep The Publishing“, wrote about how Randy Bachman has been waiting for decades to have Burton Cummings either assign, or let Bachman buy, Bachman’s portion of their jointly written songs that Cummings now solely owns. It was an issue … Continue reading

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