Have discussed the unique residential architecture in Saskatoon, courtesy of John Holliday-Scott. Neil Remington Abramson’s childhood home was Holliday-Scott’s first commission after starting his own architectural firm. Nothing like it on the street.

Neil returned to Saskatoon this month, and took pictures of the homestead, front and back. Here is the back:

Abramson house back

Lived next door to Neil. Remember the unique experience, at least for the time, of a wide, open view of the back yard. The sun streaming into the room. A kitchen and sitting room. Remember a reading chair and magazines.

Neil took pictures of my next door childhood homestead, front and back. Here is the back:

Family home 3

The three panes weren’t there, 1959-1966. Holliday-Scott style influencing the next door neighbour. Humble replication.

Though can’t replicate the Abramson house front:

Abramson house front

Being the plain cousin, in comparison:

Family home front


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One Response to Threepane

  1. In the photo of the front of the house, the windows of the master bedroom are possibly twice as big as originally. Those would be the windows on the second floor, right side. They used to be three smallish windows, side by side.

    I’m afraid the inside layout of the house might be quite different. All four bedrooms and two bathrooms on the visible two floors would be very small by today’s standards. As I recall, my parents’ bedroom held a queen-size bed, possibly a couple of night tables, and only narrow walkway space.

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