Smaller Health

Notice trend towards mega-hospitals. Montreal and Ottawa, as recent examples. Plus Windsor.

Thinking about how important a hospital is in Winchester, Ontario.

Thinking about all the hospital closures in smaller communities. The closures of rural hospitals in Saskatchewan, as an example, from over twenty years ago. What is the quality of rural health care now?

If market forces were to prevail, wonder how many communities would be served by smaller hospitals, based on public need and demand. In the United States, 35% of all hospitals are rural hospitals, though unclear whether there is statistical adjustment for relative sizes. So many making so much money on the hospital consolidations, and the ongoing administration of same. So much bureaucracy. So much public money not going into frontline health care.

So many communities where the ambulance would appear to be a major saviour, due to enhanced risk of dying along the much longer way.

Grey to sunshine, in some manner…


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