Big and Small

Went to this funeral of Big Catholic. Big mass, big choir, major service with communion. After all, he had been legendary.

Asked someone I met afterwards if he attended the funeral.

No. That guy is not one of my favourite people.

Asked why and he said that this was the guy who had prevented him from joining a particular golf club, many years ago, but not that long ago. The guy who organized the group who voted against admission. He wasn’t Catholic. He also wasn’t Protestant. Hence, he wasn’t “acceptable”. Had people coming up to him during the period before the vote, asking him to withdraw his membership application: “You won’t like it here.” All orchestrated, as he later found out, by Big Catholic.

Many years ago, but not that long ago.

Thought it was the Old Money Big Protestant who was that regular nemesis.

Catholics carving out a similar role. Carved from…


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