Smoker’s Weed

Smoker's Weed

Yes, it is a legal product. Yes, it can be smoked outdoors, in many public contexts. However, many if not most smokers do not think twice about throwing the cigarette butts on the street. No concept of deliberate littering. Some seemingly revolted by the prospect of having to put out the cigarette and pick up the remains, for proper garbage disposal.

Easy bad habit to get into. The littering, apart from the smoking.

Learned the lesson in 1980, during MBA studies with Peter Turk at the University of Toronto. Common bond in having shared backgrounds as law graduates, prior to commencing MBA. Had visited his apartment and found myself in the first environment where it was expected that I would smoke on the balcony. Seemed perfectly reasonable, though surprising. This from the same person who would turn up “Why Dontcha”, by West, Bruce and Laing, with a shared perspective of such incredible crank.

Walking on Bloor Street one day, with Peter Turk. Smoking. Me, not him. Flicked the cigarette butt onto the street, and stamped on it. Was about to walk away. Peter Turk stopped, and just looked.

Nothing to say, or ask. Picked it up, and into the cigarette case, or pocket; can’t remember. Been doing it ever since. Nice habit or etiquette to develop.

Though smokers’ reputations remain, via continuing weed-like behaviours.


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