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Accomplishment Mirror

From an email conversation with a friend, concerning a mutual friend: A: You know, he might not see the past years as wasted. I don’t think he was able to formulate an understanding that he accomplished absolutely nothing in that … Continue reading

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Probably Me

…or definitely me. Trite notion of ultimate self-responsibility for life outcomes. Key to recovery from crash and burn. Wake up to say “I put myself here”, with no reference to any other cause. Same with recognition of fault and desire … Continue reading

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Once applied to teach in a professional program. At the time, had several years of experience teaching at universities, plus course design, composing original exams and assignments, plus experience with essay evaluations and related. Thought I was perfect for this … Continue reading

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Interpretation, Speculation

Was wondering, in relation to “Threepane” and related, if there was an undue focus on past. In response, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: The past yields to interpretation. The future resists speculation. One has more traction re-learning with the … Continue reading

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Have discussed the unique residential architecture in Saskatoon, courtesy of John Holliday-Scott. Neil Remington Abramson’s childhood home was Holliday-Scott’s first commission after starting his own architectural firm. Nothing like it on the street. Neil returned to Saskatoon this month, and … Continue reading

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Best Middle School

“I went to the best middle school in the country,” he said. Mentioned this to a friend, who said “I went to the same school.” Saw both then in a particular light. Thought middle school meant Grades 7 to 9. … Continue reading

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