Poverty Fear

There’s only one thing
That money can’t buy
And that is poverty

Remember reading about how Joan Rivers constantly feared poverty. Didn’t matter how much money she had at any point. She was always concerned that it could disappear and she would be left with nothing. Hence she would accept most engagements that would pay, even though some might be atypical or beneath her. Yet Joan Rivers said it was her mother who had the initial fear of poverty.

Even a name for it: peniaphobia, which also happens to be the name of a racehorse.

Knew an academic like this. Actually, a few academics like this, since a doctorate is a ticket to the world. Turns out they come from impoverished backgrounds and simply could not stand the thought that any money source could stop. Hence no retirement. Hence coming back from retirement. Teaching anything. Selling notes in class. Selling self-published books in class. Cash only. Gimme now, gimme fast.

All of us being the source of our own debasement. Choosing to be less than we could seem.

Because money is


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