Excellent Part-Time

Remember one successful practising accountant, teaching on a longer term contract than ususl, that he hoped to “retire to the university”. Impression conveyed that he regarded it as a most beneficial sinecure.

Always see the empty halls; have always seen the empty halls. Have yet to encounter a true community of scholars, with shared interest in each other’s research. Have encountered too many situations where little research at all, or little research that is perceived by anyone to make much difference, assuming it is read.

Wonder sometimes if taxpayer representatives should be reviewing what is going on here. The professor who regards the $100,000 university position as fodder to double or triple his or her money through consulting. The one who stopped producing any research, subsequent to tenure. The one who obtained tenure with no research. All of this collegial evaluation.

Remember encountering one well-published academic who was also well regarded as a an instructor. “People don’t appreciate that this job is really, really hard,” he said. He was in a distinct minority.

So many academics not functioning as scholars. 60% work, at best, for 100% money. Starting to be a topic of expressed public concern, such as here and here.

Wondering when the taxpayer roars.


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