In relation to a continuing debate between Neil Remington Abramson and Lorne Anderson, as referenced to “Parallel Interaction“:


One point on which I would disagree with Lorne is his view that Christians are not enjoined to try to impose their views on non Christians. I think Christians are exhorted at the end of one or another Gospel to get out there a proselytize, to bring people to the faith. This was an integral aspect of European (and American) imperialism and colonialism suffered by almost every non Western culture.

One can proselytize with fire and repression (Cortez & Crusades come to mind), argumentation (JWs; Campus Crusades), emotional appeal (Billy Graham), or example (often Liberal Christianity) – but the goal is generally conversion.

Maybe this has become less these days as Western imperialism fades and non Christians change the channel.


The key word is “impose.” I believe wholeheartedly in evangelism, in sharing the Good News. But forcing others to become Christian or die is contrary to the Command. Sadly, here have been some major misintepretations of Scripture over the years by people who should have known better.


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