Age and Distance

Reading that Van Morrison just turned 70. When I first heard him, on the first Them album, in Saskatoon in 1965, he was nearly 20 and I was 12. When I first saw him, in Ottawa in 1970, he was nearly 25 and I was 17. So much of a sense of distance in eight years, at those times. No sense of distance now. More the reverse; surprise that we are so close in age. On the other hand, someone who is in early to mid-50s seems so far away, and with much less in common.

What narrows a sense of age distance so much in later years? Surely the points of commonality are more than death, yet…


About brucelarochelle

Practising Lawyer and Part-Time University Instructor (Accounting, Commercial Law, Organizational Behaviour); Part-Time Federal Tribunal Member. Non-practising Chartered Professional Accountant (Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Accountant).
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