Back to Front

My ex-wife recently attended a major reunion of students of the former Edenview School in Cactus Lake, Saskatchewan. People who hadn’t seen each other in fifty years or so. Growing up in farms around the hamlet. Asked my ex-wife who was the most successful person from that group. Without hesitation, she said “Donnie Oborowsky”.

Wanted to find out a bit more about him. Found out more. So much so that was able to start a Wikipedia page about him. And encounter some words of wisdom:

What’s been most important is remembering where you come from more than where you’re going. And always remembering that you need people.

You also can’t have half-friends and half-enemies.

I put a lot of value in education but, once you get past that, personality is so darned important. Everybody’s got a different culture in their business and you’ve got to make sure that fits with your type of people.

I believe you’ve got to be lucky to be good, and good to be lucky.

I remember watching Grant Fuhr (Edmonton Oilers’ goalie) in the Oiler heyday. The way he’d flop around, I thought he was kind of lucky. But then as I got a little older, I realized he was good.

And if somebody gets lucky…


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