Peter Wolf: 99 Worlds

Jumped the right track, got on the wrong train
Crashed landed down on lover’s lane

People who post music to YouTube are often people who very much want others to hear what they once heard, but where the music may not be as readily available. Don’t post to YouTube; haven’t got to the point of creating digital files for upload. Fortunately, others have, such as with this one.

Had wondered about Peter Wolf’s “99 Worlds”, from Up To No Good (1990) Somebody wanting to talk about retro soul, white soul, gimme the horns, that deep bass and the snappy drums: Peter Wolf had it, twenty five years ago. Then and now, always on time and in time:

Say it again

I ain’t going back to you
For 99 reasons
I’m 99 worlds away

Postscript, September 9, 2015:

Like a feather in a hurricane


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