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Poverty Fear

There’s only one thing That money can’t buy And that is poverty Remember reading about how Joan Rivers constantly feared poverty. Didn’t matter how much money she had at any point. She was always concerned that it could disappear and … Continue reading

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Excellent Part-Time

Remember one successful practising accountant, teaching on a longer term contract than ususl, that he hoped to “retire to the university”. Impression conveyed that he regarded it as a most beneficial sinecure. Always see the empty halls; have always seen … Continue reading

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Tents: Points on The Key

Have written about marking Bar Admission Course exams, at the time when such exams were not multiple choice. Have also marked professional qualification exams for those wishing to become Chartered Accountants. What was then called the School of Accountancy in … Continue reading

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Came across the name in an article by Haroon Siddiqui about Asghar Ali Engineer, “An Engineer stands against Hindu militants”, Toronto Star, November 15, 1998, p. A 17. Larger concern in the article in relation to the alleged intolerantly pro-Hindu … Continue reading

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Already Wet

Found this story, “Steel nerves keep Saddam in power”, by Barbara Demick. Toronto Star, November 15, 1998, p. A3, concerning the threat of commencement of additional bombing on Iraq. Mentioning in story how Iraq has been subject to sanctions since … Continue reading

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Uneasy Money

Easy money You say I fool myself But better me than someone else Brokered mortgages. When there is no income, but equity. When there is not enough income, but equity. When there is no equity, but anticipated income. When there … Continue reading

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Deborah Rashotte

Found in river, schizophrenia, 2010. Came across this 2010 news story, where parties were looking for missing woman. News story one month after her disappearance. Mentioning that she was schizophrenic and had run out of medication. Had been considering voluntary … Continue reading

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When you’re drunk in the alley With your clothes all torn And your late night friends leave you In the cold grey dawn Some see the prophet notion as fixed in time. No more religious prophets today. Yet when one … Continue reading

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In relation to a continuing debate between Neil Remington Abramson and Lorne Anderson, as referenced to “Parallel Interaction“: Neil: One point on which I would disagree with Lorne is his view that Christians are not enjoined to try to impose … Continue reading

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Age Hiding History

So many that one doesn’t know in terms of distinguished pasts. Saw her on the street, shuffling with walker. Remembered her as someone I met regularly while working on Parliament Hill, who had been working there decades before that. Glad … Continue reading

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