Contracting The Clean

Why are so many office cleaners on contract? Security issues in many contexts, plus loyalty to organization issues. Once thought that a card reader scam had originated via cleaners at a particular bank branch, since rarely used the card elsewhere.

Also, why clean only at night?

Very different arrangement in the House of Commons; perhaps a model. Office cleaners being career-oriented House of Commons employees, generally cleaning during the day. Didn’t have to be working overtime to get to know, and for them to know.

And as a sentiment repeated.


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One Response to Contracting The Clean

  1. On August 30, 2015, a friend corrected the above, as follows (reproduced with permission and preferred attribution):

    House of Commons cleaners work nights. They finish their shift at 8 a.m. The daytime people do recycling and water, etc., but they don’t clean the offices. Nighttime people do that.

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