Load: Front and Back

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

When we’re young, we think the price of life is front-end loaded. We must learn the ways of the world under the tutelage of our parents, teachers, friends, bullies – sensitive or insensitive, cooperative or competitive, altruistic or dominating.

Now I see the price of life is really back-end loaded. Then, in those now halcyon days, I had my health. Now I have pills, impending operations, expensive travel health insurance and the promise of slowly (or suddenly, without warning) declining into old age and death.

Yet the price is worth the admission, most of the time. And we learn through our lives to pay what is required of us. And we learn to be happy with less, and remember the good, forgetting much we feared we would always remember.

So life is good, even when the payment is due.




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