Client apologised for the Danielle Steel book when I visited her in the hospital. “Light reading,” she said, in years well above eighty.

Visited another client in retirement home. Still had a hard copy of the newspaper delivered every day, which is how she started her day. Reading the newspaper from cover to cover. In years well above eighty.

Saw another client in his home. Lots of hardcover books, particularly biographies, that he was reading. In years nearly at eighty.

All had physical challenges, but none had issues of serious mental slowdown. All having superior long-term and short-term memories, particularly the former.

Lots of “brain fitness” products out there, with questionable proven benefits.

Less and less people reading in hard copy, where one has to sit and concentrate on a particular book or paper. No chance to flip channels, or flip from one internet article to another. The focus on the read, in the read.

Met a young lawyer who said she no longer had any concentration to read a book. Very, very fast and adept in accessing internet content.

Reading and connectivity; no downward swirl.


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