Weightlifting provides a means for goal setting not for some company, teacher, or friend. But goal setting for oneself. When someone learns the power of personal goal setting there isn’t much they can’t aim for and reach closer to because of effort.

Uncredited, undated, “Why People Lift

I gotta tell ya the truth, and I’m not being a wiseguy or a jerk, I’m a muscleheaded ironhead — lift hard, eat right, bound and determined and engaged. I love to write, but I don’t read muscle stuff

Dave Draper,”Difference between Gold’s and World Gyms“, August 29, 2012.

When at Wilfrid Laurier University business school, 1992-1994, had an ascetic-looking, muscular student in the class. Asked him if he lifted weights. He said yes. Asked him why. Always thought the weightlifters were into it for vanity. He said I do it because I must do it. Need that challenge. Me against the bar.

He went to Gold’s Gym in Kitchener, now apparently closed. Went there because it was open 24 hours, and he never could predict when he would need to lift. Determination and focus on the push becoming a tension release. Plus the focus, the focus…

Wonder where he is now, twenty plus years on. Weightlifting is associated with career success.

If you don’t fail, you are not ambitious enough.

Dora Farkas, “8 Lessons That Weightlifting Taught Me About Success in Graduate School“, November 7, 2014

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