Calling II

Was at a funeral at St. Theresa’s Church. Same church as my father’s funeral, nearly twenty years ago. Hadn’t been back, or back much, though passed by, often daily.

Funeral with communion as a component. Didn’t go up, as usual. Saw woman in white cassock giving communion, and otherwise participating in the service. Several men in white cassocks doing the same. Thought they all were priests and nuns. Had written about the calling and the involvement of women.

Turns out there are a lot of engagements possible for lay people, including nuns (as non-ordained people), in Catholic services.

Turns out, when I asked, that the woman was married to one of the men with cassock. Both were lay people, Eucharistic Ministers, similar to the one I was speaking to. Only one person up there being of a religious vocation.

Asked how long they had worn white cassocks. Thought maybe it was a recent development. Only remembered them from when children would assist at the service.

“Always”, he responded.

Nice, I replied.

Though the other guy wouldn’t talk to me, when I approached the altar. Actually forgot where I was, and walked on it. Serious breach of Catholic funeral etiquette, as I now know.


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