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The relationship between China and the International Accounting Standards Board (and its related International Financial Reporting Standards) has been discussed here, with related comments from a former student here. Weiqing Liu, my former student, has made additional inquiries and comments … Continue reading

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Passing Client III

Wrote about him here and here. Some further email impressions. where he used a voice translator: May 29, 2005 thanks for the offer, but i have about 200 dvd, 3 quarters classics,boogie etc. Just bought a great james steward flick,.,,,,,,filmnoir…‘call … Continue reading

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Contracting The Clean

Why are so many office cleaners on contract? Security issues in many contexts, plus loyalty to organization issues. Once thought that a card reader scam had originated via cleaners at a particular bank branch, since rarely used the card elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Passing Client II

Wrote about him before. Client in wheelchair, virtual quadriplegic. In going through files prior to an office renovation, coming across a file with email correspondence from him. Thought about the fact that he is scattered somewhere now, with no marker … Continue reading

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Much Like Arthritis

From an email exchange with Neil Remington Abramson (reproduced with permission): Neil: One of my Japanese stepchildren is having a baby boy soon. I have been asked to suggest a middle name. The Western one that might be come the … Continue reading

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“I’m a rich professor”

Response of Allan Bloom, smiling, when following him after a lecture. Didn’t ask about the lecture topic, or other topics in that first year political science course, where he chainsmoked throughout his lectures. Could only think of asking “How can … Continue reading

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From the dissertation, Chapter 8, “The Pathologies of Regulatory Inaction: Institutional Dimensions” When you don’t have a buyer who can borrow, you don’t have a price. Testimony of John Lytle, former vice-president, Continental Illinois Bank, in l982 U.S. House of … Continue reading

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