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The relationship between China and the International Accounting Standards Board (and its related International Financial Reporting Standards) has been discussed here, with related comments from a former student here. Weiqing Liu, my former student, has made additional inquiries and comments … Continue reading

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Passing Client III

Wrote about him here and here. Some further email impressions. where he used a voice translator: May 29, 2005 thanks for the offer, but i have about 200 dvd, 3 quarters classics,boogie etc. Just bought a great james steward flick,.,,,,,,filmnoir…‘call … Continue reading

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Contracting The Clean

Why are so many office cleaners on contract? Security issues in many contexts, plus loyalty to organization issues. Once thought that a card reader scam had originated via cleaners at a particular bank branch, since rarely used the card elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Passing Client II

Wrote about him before. Client in wheelchair, virtual quadriplegic. In going through files prior to an office renovation, coming across a file with email correspondence from him. Thought about the fact that he is scattered somewhere now, with no marker … Continue reading

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Much Like Arthritis

From an email exchange with Neil Remington Abramson (reproduced with permission): Neil: One of my Japanese stepchildren is having a baby boy soon. I have been asked to suggest a middle name. The Western one that might be come the … Continue reading

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“I’m a rich professor”

Response of Allan Bloom, smiling, when following him after a lecture. Didn’t ask about the lecture topic, or other topics in that first year political science course, where he chainsmoked throughout his lectures. Could only think of asking “How can … Continue reading

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From the dissertation, Chapter 8, “The Pathologies of Regulatory Inaction: Institutional Dimensions” When you don’t have a buyer who can borrow, you don’t have a price. Testimony of John Lytle, former vice-president, Continental Illinois Bank, in l982 U.S. House of … Continue reading

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Discovered Logic

…in reflecting on the past. Everything not random, as one discovers, over time. Problem being if that is all (or most) that one is doing, rather than contributing to the present, in whatever chaotic state it might be…

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Solmssen: Comfort Letter

Some lawyers also write novels. Was in third year law school when colleague suggested that I read The Comfort Letter, by Arthur Solmssen. Can’t remember if I borrowed her copy. Much about ethics, and internal firm intrigue. Where the comfort … Continue reading

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One Question

Remembered that Mr. Justice Ronald Martland, of the Supreme Court of Canada, was a smoker. Wanted to see if there was a recollection of a particular incident once recounted, or whether there was mistake in memory. Came across this from … Continue reading

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