Wondering about standardized testing in Ontario. Then find out that standardized tests are used in grades 3, 6 and 9 to measure math and literacy skills. No specific science focus, it appears. Plus, the tests are optional for private schools in Ontario, in contrast to other provinces. Then recall the Ontario Auditor General raising concerns about academic credit integrity in roughly 25% of the private schools in Ontario.

Then find out that the standardized tests have been cancelled for 2015, at least in the public schools, due to labour disputes, and where the union opposes standardized testing in any event.

If I were a parent of students at primary or intermediate school in 2015, in either the public or private systems…

And at university, am finding more students (not many, but more) where a question is how they ended up in third year, quite apart from how their academic results permitted admission in the first place…


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