New School

Passed by what looked to be a very new primary school in a very new housing development. This is the scene from the back:


Did some research on the school. Opened in 2013, and supposedly leading edge, technologically.

This seeming to be an example of poor planning, in terms of size of construction and estimates of student population, or budgetary constraints, irrespective of the accuracy of estimates. Would seem to make more sense to say to people in newer suburbs that, when the school is full, the students will have choices of spaces in other schools, perhaps in older neighbourhoods, assuming that the schools there haven’t already been torn down, based on a shorter timeframe vision as to declining enrolment. The idea that portable classrooms should be an absolute last resort.

Would seem that this particular school would benefit from a major expansion. Instead, the school board will build a completely new school, acknowledging the overcrowding. Still, opened in 2013…

Looks good from the front, though perhaps a few more classrooms would have been better, instead of glass ceiling:

School 2


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