Snow Queen

Winter carnival at the primary school. Snow Queen election. Somebody suggesting X, being a plain, friendly and intelligent girl. Thought it was a good idea and voted for her. She won.

Then hearing the snickers. It had all been a setup. Setup by children barely 10 or so. To be more precise, setup by boys barely 10 or so. Wanting to humiliate the plain girl in some way, and for some reason. So everybody knew that she was the Snow Queen these children intended to laugh at. Wondered if she knew.

Evening carnival event arrives. She came on the rink in a grand sleigh. Can’t remember who was pulling it. Beaming, and beautiful, with grand gown and crown. Smile of vengeance.

Don’t remember much talk next day from the setup boys.

Didn’t know what bullying was, during those times.

Wonder if she knew, and remembers.


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