Reverse Order

Thinking about statistical failure and how set up so that everyone would know. Then recalling Grade 10 or Grade 11 science class at Ridgemont High School. After a test, the seats would be changed. Those who had done most poorly would be seated at the front of the class. Those who had done exceptionally well would be at the back of the class.

Was at the back of class, looking at the backs of heads of those at the front. This was not a single class occurrence, as was the case with my own failure. The students stayed at the front, until the next test. So every class, everyone would know they were the worst students in the class. No sense of the cruelty.

Second major high school romance being with someone from the front of that class. She was no fool, other than perhaps with respect to her partner.

Postscript, February 10, 2016: Lorne Anderson turns out to have been in the same class, at a different time. He was one of the ones at the front, and has written about the experience. The shaming resentment remains, across decades.

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