Class Photo Time

From 1984, when first starting university teaching, until 1994 and the commencement of House of Commons employment, used to take photos of the classes. Towards the end of the class, would have the camera and advise the students that I wanted to photograph the time together. Who knew what the future might bring?

In the days before some sense of privacy, no students objected. Semi-public forum; who should need to object…

Back in the days when the maximum class size was sixty or so, and where the instructor was marking most of everything. Back in the days when office hours were more needed, in the absence of electronic communication. Back in the days when an instructor would know the names of virtually all of his or her students.

Stopped in 1994. Some sense, even then, that there were major changes in connection.

Remember making a duplicate set of one class for Howard Ripstein, who had taught them previously. He went over them, could name all the students, and knew most personal circumstances. How dare he know…

So have ended up with photos of Gabriel Lowenberg, Michael Knapp, Linda Seguin and David Ma, among so many others.

Reminders of time and place.

Beyond memory.

No easy delete; film and prints.

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