Command, Recommend, Persuade

Don’t like standing in the snow

Thinking about Father Fitz perspective: All you have to do is ask. When you are inclined to ask, feel the need to ask. Not because somebody says you are nobody if you don’t ask. Or that you will surely burn if you don’t ask. And, if you do ask, you had better appreciate that there is no matter of interpretation.

Literalists will say “X says…”, treated as a command, necessary to follow if you are a “good” adherent to the particular religion. No sense of benefits of persuasion, or need to persuade. Literalist as stone cold slaver. Challenge of any sort as apostasy.

All these cult-like behaviours, without reference to time and place of centuries-old words…

To the extent that it is faith, need it be/can it be reasoned or subject to criticism…

Maybe just get the power and dance:

Dig it like a shovel
Rhyme Devil on a Heavenly level


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