Absolute Weakness

Seems that when one is absolutely certain of a position, that certainty is often referenced to disparaging those who don’t share one’s point of view. One gains strength of conviction through some sense of referential superiority.

Seems that true confidence is referenced to an appreciation that others, for better or for worse, may not share one’s views. There may be an incentive to persuade, but only if there is an interest in further explanation of the perspective.

Seems to be a particular strength in being able to say “I don’t know”, or “I haven’t read it”, or “I haven’t seen it”.

Have a devout Christian friend. Asked him if all others were going to Hell. He said “Regrettably, yes”. Said without judgement, but with sadness. And with no disrespect for others who did not see his way. True strength of conviction. No cult-like need to identify enemies to destroy.

So when somebody can recite everything, with disparagement…

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